Latvijas Šķirnes Sēklas. Let's sow and grow together!


There are three things we believe in more than anything.

First of all, the seeds are more valuable than gold and gemstones. Try it - put jewellery and diamonds into the ground. Nothing will happen…. Make the same with the seeds and see how your land is growing! Fields are getting green, there is work for bees and people. The crop is starting to wave and it's something to be stroked by the wind and the baker. Hay rolls and bales are growing as mushrooms, the livestock and its owners have been fed up. Seeds are such a kind of wealth, deposit, and gain that surpasses any cash account, financial curve, or stock exchange deal.


Secondly, we believe in an all-year-long working season.

While snow is covering the ground, we are actively working to offer you the best grass seed right when the sowing time begins. We are studying, planning, forecasting and preparing. Next, we are drying, cleaning and packing.

On the other hand, when it comes to the warm weather, we also grow, study, analyse and continuously improve our products to make their quality from the most excellent - to the unsurpassed. Compromises are not allowed!


And the third, the most important thing - we believe in all our growth.

Already since 1993, we have believed that we are able to grow into a solid company that produces outstanding products. Together with you, we have succeeded. Likewise, we believe in the growth of all partners, seeing the fervor, the strength of work and also the amount of stubbornness that they have. And of course, we are convinced that together we can grow not only for ourselves, but also make the whole of our land greener, cleaner and richer.

Therefore, we are confident and proud to say - let's sow and grow together!


Our main lines of business


  • purchase and sale of perennial grass and cereal seeds;
  • grass seed growing;
  • pre-treatment of grass seed material - drying, cleaning and packaging;
  • protection of breeds harvested abroad in the territory of Latvia (by contract);
  • delivery of the highest grades of foreign varieties (upon order);
  • studies and trials on the productivity of grass, maize and cereal varieties;
  • agronomist consultation, organization of seminars.