Our main agronomist Iveta Gūtmane shares with her 4 main findings on the installation of high-quality grassland un Latvia:

  • Remember that Potassium and Phosphorus are the backbone of grass fertilization. The effects of Nitrogen fertilizer can only be fully manifested on this background. Balanced fertilizer for perennial grass has an PPN ratio of 2:1:2 - 2.5.


  • Increased soil acidity (<5.5) has a negative effect on grass growth and persistence. The acidity of the soil must definitely be precluded! Lucerne and fodder galega doesn’t grow in soils where acidity is lower than pH 6.


  • The optimum sowing depth for grass seed is 0.5 - 2 cm. What is more, soil should be worn after sowing to ensure sprouting and the creation of a high-quality grasshopper.


  • Proper grass harvesting time is crucial for obtaining high quality grass fodder. Grasses should be harvested at the beginning of the stemming; however, legumes need to be harvested during the budding / flowering start phase.


Let's sow and grow!