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Oil radish

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Agrotechnical characteristics

Germination speed Used for Seed depth, cm Sowing rate, kg / ha Sowing time
nectar cultivation
green manure


Oil radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. oleifera Metzg) is a modest and fast-growing green manure plant that can also be used as a honey plant.

The oil radish eliminates the spread of diseases and pests in the crop, as well as suppresses the weeds and limits their spread. It also improves soil fertility and increases yields.

The oil radish is modest, grows in different soils (including turfy soil). Green matter is provided allready on the 40th day after the sprouting.

The plant can be used as an intercrop with a sowing rate of 25 - 30 kg / ha.

The oil rut begins to bloom about 60 days after sowing.


Seeds are certified according to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 152 and the European Union directives.