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P2 - seed mixture for high quality forage

Retail price: 4,65 €/kg
Wholesale price : 3,95€/kg
Amount: 46,50€
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Agrotechnical characteristics

Regrowth Min. soil fertility Used for Minimum soil Ph Seed depth, cm Sowing rate, kg / ha
1.0 - 2.0


Highly demanded, plastic, perennial grass seed mixture to get high quality forage, hay and silage.

The grassland can also be used for grazing.

The composition of the mix has been improved with the new, advanced grass - Lolium x boucheanum syn. Lolium x hybridum, which is distinguished by its high productivity, winter hardiness and persistence.

During the season, the grass can be mowed up to 3 times!

The mixture is suitable for both mineral soils and poorer soils.


Sowing rate: 20 - 25 kg / ha.


  • Trifolium pratenese 27%
  • Festuca pratensis 23%
  • Lolium x boucheanum syn. Lolium x hybridum 23%
  • Phleum pratense 27%


Available in 10 kg bags.


Seeds are certified according to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 152 and the European Union directives.