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Red clover

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Agrotechnical characteristics



Used for

green manure

Minimum soil Ph


Longevity (years)

3-5 gadi

Sowing rate, kg / ha



The red clover (Trifolium pratenese) is a valuable plant for forage, it has extensive breeding possibilities. It is good for fertilized, drained soils with sufficient lime content. Mild sand and acid soils are unsuitable. In peat soils, the clover has a lower winter-hardiness.


The red clover has two shapes - early and late.

  • The early red clover is used for one to two years. Began to bloom in the first half of June. During the vegetation period, the early red clover can be mowed up to 3 times! In the first growing year, it grows faster than the late red clover.
  • Late red clover is used for two to three years. The clover sprout and grow slowly in the sowing year. Generally, two meadows are obtained. Late red clover begins to bloom in the second half of June.


Seeds are certified according to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 152 and the European Union directives.

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